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Olivia Jade Just Made Her Return To YouTube – BuzzFeed

“I just want to move on and do better and do what I love.”

While she received a mostly lackluster response from the people of TikTok, Olivia decided to move forward anyway in an effort to return to doing something that brings her “genuine joy.”

Olivia, who has not been active on YouTube since 2019, decided to make her comeback with a daily vlog to give viewers a look into what her life is like post-college scandal.

In the video’s intro, Olivia subtly made it clear that she’s on good terms with both of her parents, sharing old home videos that featured both Lori and Mossimo Giannulli long before their jail sentencing.

And before getting into anything else, Olivia addressed the major elephant in the room by suggesting that viewers who had any questions about her past watch her “Red Table Talk” episode, where she “disclosed what she thought she needed to say.”

In an editor’s note, Olivia added that she didn’t want to “dismiss” anything by not having a full conversation in her vlog, and understands that her name is not cleared and that she can’t change the past, but can “change what I do and how I act going forward.”

Olivia Jade / Via

“For my own mental sanity, I don’t want to keep rehashing things. I just want to move on and do better and do what I love,” Olivia continued.

Olivia also shared a disclaimer that a percentage of her AdSense revenue of all of her videos going forward will be donated to charity:

Olivia Jade / Via

Although, she didn’t specify which one.

And then…she basically started vlogging as if nothing had changed!

She noted that she was nervous about vlogging during quarantine as she “never leaves her house” but admitted that most of her old videos “used to just be at home doing nothing really anyway.” Here’s a prime example:

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Olivia Jade / Via

“I would just be cleaning my bathroom on repeat,” Olivia joked.

Olivia, who appears to now be living by herself in an apartment somewhere in LA, made sure to introduce viewers to her new puppy…because who doesn’t love puppies?

She also shared how she’s taking care of her mental health by cutting out social media in the morning and starting each day with journaling and affirmations:

And I won’t even bother you with the rest of the vlog because it’s pretty mundane, like feeding her dog, going to the gym, editing a video, eating lunch, and making some dinner. So basically what I did today.

Based on those comments, it looks some of the internet is ready to forgive Olivia and let her move on from the past. And I’m pretty sure that’s all she’s really hoping for.

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