Thursday, March 4

Bryan Cranston Compares Breaking Bads Walter White To New Character In Showtimes Your Honor – CinemaBlend

As viewers saw in Your Honor‘s series premiere, Bryan Cranston’s character didn’t have a whole lot of time to craft any master plans once he was made aware of the crime committed by his son Adam, played by Hunter Doohan. (A crime that included a stomach-turning attempt at resuscitation.) He was forced to act on instinct, and while that instinct should have been something more in line with the justice system, Michael chose to look out for his own family above all others. Not that his actions weren’t relatable and understandable in one way or another, similar to how Walter White’s motivation to leave his family financially comfortable after his death was a relatable feeling. But while Breaking Bad‘s anti-hero purposefully and incrementally set his crime-ridden future into place, Michael’s decisions were far more spontaneous.

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